Exclusively GPA

Marhababik uses the Growing Participation Approach (GPA) to language learning and cultural adaptation. No memorization, no book based curriculum, just steady growth through strong, memorable encounters with vocabulary as participators build recognition.


Whatever your needs, Marhababik has a solution for you. Most of our courses are held in our comfortable and conviently located center, but we also provide sessions for those who wish to study off-site. Group or one-on-one, morning or afternoon, your particular needs can usually be accomodated.

Effective & Fun

GPA is a six-phase approach that is based on the most advanced research in language acquistition. It is designed to facilitate deep interaction between the participator and the host language. GPA is comprehension based and vocabulary intensive. People all over the globe from a wide variety of ethnic and educational backgrounds have thrived with these techniques. Not only effective, these activities are fun!


Marhababik involves participators in genuine relationships with host people and allows them to literally partcipate in host practices. The priority is to understand local people and to learn to engage with them in ways that make the participator progressively less “foreign”. Approaching language learning this way will lead you into deep relationships which will last you a lifetime.

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