Can't Go Out? Don't Stop Learning!

Marhababik! is now offering online sessions for all phases. Starting the month of April you can connect virutally with one of our excellent nurturers using innovative web technology for only 7$/hr. Even in the midst of quarantine and self isolation the Growing Participator Approach will find a way. Click on the button below to inquire.


All materials and supplies are included
Prices below are per individual and quoted in US Dollars ($)

On-SiteOne-On-OneCoupleThree or more
6-11 hrs/week 7.00 $/hr 5.00 $/hr 4.00 $/hr
12-17 hrs/week 6.50 $/hr 4.50 $/hr 3.50 $/hr
18+ hrs/week 6.00 $/hr 4.00 $/hr 3.00 $/hr


All materials and supplies are included

Off-site sessions will include an extra fee for nurturer transportation the amount of which may vary depending on location and nurturer travel time
Prices below are per session (NOT per person)
One invoice will be generated for the session to be shared by participants
All prices are quoted in US Dollars ($)

Off-SiteOne-On-OneCouple or more
6-11 hrs/week 7.00 $/hr 8.50 $/hr
12-17 hrs/week 6.50 $/hr 8.00 $/hr
18+ hrs/week 6.00 $/hr 7.50 $/hr