Are you in Tunisia? Do you want to participate in the world of Tunisian Arabs while you live work, or study here? Do you want to move from foreign to familiar? Then Marhababik welcomes you!

There is a “wall of noise” which keeps Tunisian life foreign to us, and keeps us foreign to them. Learning a new languaculture is not for the faint of heart, BUT THERE IS HOPE!

Marhababik’s 6-Phase approach is a revolutionary way to enter the languacultural world of Tunisian people! Using the Growing Participator Approach, you will be led in guided, purposeful steps to see their world through their eyes and to grow to participate ever-more fully in it - all while learning to use the language effectively and naturally.

All strategies involve genuine relationships with host people and allow the GP (growing participator) to literally participate in host practices beginning with “This is a man. This is a woman.”

Our priority is to understand Tunisian people and to learn to engage with them in ways that make you progressively less “foreign”. Approaching language learning this way will lead you into deep relationships which will last you a lifetime.